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Every day of the week there are different workshops to attend – from puppetry, to working with your body in a performance space, and from playing with objects while on stage, to deconstructing gender and current justice systems. All workshops are led by professionals chosen to inspire.

All workshops are €30 and include a lunch. Only the Designing Justice workshop on Sunday March 8 is part of the program, which is €20 for the whole day.

When you are a student and want to attent to one of the workshops, we can give you a discount. Please email us for more info:

Wednesday 4 March

Workshop: Object Manipulation and Animation

Led by Michael Helmerhorst

Duration: 10:00 – 17:00

This day-long workshop is all about learning to animate and manipulate randomly found items as an actor. Familiar, nondescript objects form the raw material that we use. The intended function of these objects is of no consequence.

The day starts with an introductory video lecture on how prepared props are used in slapstick, variety and performance art. Starting with puppet show, and moving on to object manipulation in a limited space, we gradually switch to how actors can interact with objects in a open space – this is achieved through multiple improvisational exercises working as individuals, duos, and groups with ‘silent partners’. During the workshop we also cover composition, transformation and the object as a mask.

About Michael Helmerhorst

Michael Helmerhorst (1951) is a theatermaker and director known for his tricks and optical illusions. He has directed groups as diverse as VisVis, Beumer & Drost, Het Volk Suver Nuver, Strotski and Titanick. He also manages an extensive film archive.

Email to register, putting the name and date of the workshop in the subject line.

Thursday 5 March

Workshop: The Power of the Puppet

Led by Neville Tranter

Duration: 10:00 – 17:00

This workshop explores the possibilities of the puppet as an important theatrical medium. There will be a strong emphasis on the role of the puppeteer as a performing actor and integral part of the performance, not someone who disappears behind the puppet.

Participants will work with a puppet (they can bring their own if preferred) and bring it to ‘life’. Scenes will then be developed with the puppet to create short dramatical studies and situations. Participants will work not only with the puppet but also with the other participants in creating the scenes. The input of the participants will play a big role.

The workshop will begin with students taking it in turns to work with a puppet without text, both individually and in small groups. Attention will be given to:

  • how the movements of the puppet affect the audience 
  • how the roles of puppet and puppeteer can be interchangeable (who serves who? ).
  • the differences between  the “body language”of the puppet and that of the puppeteer 
  • story-telling possibilities with puppets
  • how to make good use of the theatre space and how essential this is
  • voice techniques
  • supporting factors, such as light and sound

About Neville Tranter

In 1978 Neville Tranter came with his Stuffed Puppet Theatre to the Festival of Fools – a street-theatre festival in Amsterdam – and never left. Since then he has developed his trademark style of visual theatre using human-sized puppets, with Neville Tranter the only person on stage. Neville Tranter is the founder and artistic force behind Stuffed Puppet Theatre, and the only constant factor since it was established. He is Stuffed Puppet.

Email to register, putting the name and date of the workshop in the subject line.

Friday 6 March

Body / Space / Time

Led by Snowapple

Duration: 10:00 – 17:00

How can I become a fuller and freer artist using my breathing, my body, and my awareness of the people around me?

This workshop focuses on group chorus, presence and body. The workshop is designed for musicians who want to feel confident to move around on stage, and for actors who want to perform with musicians and understand how to integrate live music into their performances.

Techniques are largely based on Lecoq and Snowapple’s own experiences of integrating music, mime and puppetry in their performances. 
Snowapple trained with MAPA (the Moving Academy for Performing Arts) and Nancy Rusek (Philippe Genty).

About Snowapple

Read more about Snowapple on the official website.

Email to register, putting the name and date of the workshop in the subject line.

Saturday 7 March

Drag King workshop

Led by Louise de Ville

Duration: 10:00 – 17:00

Please note: For women only!

Drag kings play a masculine persona, as proof that gender is just a social construct and it’s all a game. Leave your femininity at the door and let your masculinity run wild. During the workshop, animated by Louis(e) de Ville, you will learn the basics of the physical transformation: facial hair, binding (trade breasts for pecs), and building your own penis. Then it’s all about the attitude: how to walk, shake hands, sit in public, and even dance like a dude. 

Both fun and fascinating, this experience will help you understand the duality of your masculinity/femininity.

About Louise de Ville

Gender illusionist Louis(e) de Ville  has been playing with gender and learning the craft of portraying masculinity for 15 years. For the past 10 years she has been teaching women the art of confidence and dominance in the public sphere; to date, she has taught more than 1,000 women to use their bodies and voices confidently and convincingly in order to own the space they occupy. 

Her most successful series, ‘Les Soirées Garçonnes’ (in collaboration with Camille Delalande), reached out to vast numbers of women and helped introduce the questioning of masculinity and its performance to mainstream French audiences.

Get a glimpse of the ‘Garçonnes’ in this video by Mathilde Marc.

For an exemple of Garçonnes see the video by Mathilde Marc

Louis(e) proudly collaborated on the documentary by Chriss Lag about drag-king culture in France, creating the flashmob ‘Every Day Kings’, and the show ‘Kabaret Kings’.

PAROLE DE KING ! – Documentary by Chriss Lag

French film with English subtitles (96 minutes)

After the workshop we will show the Dutch première of the documentary ‘Parole de King!’, featuring Louise de Ville and her drag-king character. The documentary questions our relationships to the masculine and the feminine and introduces the drag-king (a cabaret character hitherto overshadowed by the drag queen), who uses the codes of masculinity to play with the codes of femininity. Watch the drag kings on stage, behind the scenes and in workshops and discover these extraordinary and endearing characters from all over France.

Entry is free for Drag King workshop participants; otherwise, tickets cost €5, including free entry to Jardin Rouge’s evening performances.

Watch the trailer! (in French)

Trailer (in French)

Email to register, putting the name and date of the workshop in the subject line.

Workshop: Designing Justice

Led by Juliacks and Merel (SnowApple)

Duration: 15:00 – 16:30

Cost: free (included in day ticket)

‘Justice is what love looks like in public’ – Cornel West

Juliacks and Snowapple launch the local branch of the international association Design Justice, and invite people to join this monthly meet-up which hosts skill shares, supports local organisations with design work, and organises campaigns around issues where design, justice and other key issues intersect.

About Juliacks

Juliacks (director/writer/co-creator/executive producer) uses transmedia gesamtkunstwerk (works of art made up of many art forms) that unite and divide themselves through the interweaving of different mediums, cultures and time periods. Narrative and its layered, networked, intercultural construction is the basis of Juliacks’s artwork and research, which takes the form of performance installations, films, comics-art novels, tapestries, paintings and more.

Email to register, putting the name and date of the workshop in the subject line.