Jan Modaal

Movement, music and improvisation

  • De Roode Bioscoop


Jan Modaal is a loud troubadour with roots in suburbia and the bible belt. Jan is a merciless storyteller with a great love for the Dutch language. His debut EP "Wil je dood ofzo?" was met with critical acclaim by his neighbours. During Jardin Rouge 2021 Jan Modaal, together with Eltjo Felix will present their project Vinex Fenix. Vinex Fenix is a research project on the human condition by Jan Modaal and Eltjo Felix. For this edition of Jardin Rouge, Vinex Fenix celebrates concrete rot: the return of an organic element in human made concrete. This celebration will consist of movement, music and improvisation. Vinex Fenix’ previous performance, Vinex Jezus, premiered at the first Jardin Rouge festival and consisted of an ode to the city of Almere.