Electric circus

Electric Circus is a collaboration between inventor Fred Abels and puppeteer Mirjam Langemeijer. Since 2004, they explore new approaches to puppetry and are pioneering in the field of street- and puppet- theater. By combining modern techniques like animatronics along with pure puppetry, they create a unique form of theater. They are invited all over the world with their unusual mechanical creatures.

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Rembrandt Maarten

I’m not an artist, i just make stuff i like to look at.

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Senna Leezenberg (born may 17th 1997)

A visual artist based in Amsterdam. She is interested in the human behaviour towards earthly matters and the supernatural. Her work is mostly focused on melancholia, grounding,spirituality and finding connection within contradiction. She is currently finishing her studies in photographic design at the Fotovakschool.

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