“Mathilde”, scenes from a Nursing Home. 

Mathilde is a very old lady. Life is getting hard to bear. She remembers vividly what happened in her life 60 years ago, but now she keeps forgetting where she has put things. She keeps blaming the nurses of stealing from her. 

The management has other things on its mind. How can they maximize the home’s profits? They have a golden idea: give all the patients mobile telephones. They can telephone for help, so there is no more need for a nurse in the home after visiting hours. It is no problem that the patients do not know how to use a mobile telephone: no calls, no worries. 

“Mathilde” is a tragic comedy about the hardship of getting very old. 

Neville Tranter has moved audiences all over the world in the last 30 years. His stories of tenderness and cruelty, of hope and despair have given new vitality to the ancient art of puppetry. 

Idea, text, puppets, mise-en-scene: Neville Tranter Co-appearing: Wim Sitvast duration 1 hr. Language: English