PAROLE DE KING ! – Documentary by Chriss Lag – France – 96 minutes

This documentary will be shown on Saturday march 7 after the workshop Drag King by Louise de Ville. 

This documentary allows all to question its own relations to the masculine and the feminine. If the Drag Queen occupies the front of the cabaret scene, few people know the Drag King.

Indeed, the Drag King use the codes of masculinity to play with the codes of femininity. Get to know them on stage, behind the scenes and in workshops and discover these extraordinary and endearing characters from all over France. 

Filmmaker’s statement of intent : “Drag Kings have been on my radar for years, mainly through films and photos of American performers. The first time I saw Drag Kings onstage in France was in 2004, when the King du Berry performed in Paris. I was first taken in by the fun and playful aspects of drag, but I soon recognized how believable these performers were as men. In 2007, while working as a journalist, I crossed paths with the artist Louis(e) de Ville and the documentary Louis(e) de Ville, Portrait of a Bad Girl (48 min) was born. I followed her across Europe and noticed how much her approach to drag caught the public’s attention, how it drove them to think and ask questions. This led to very interesting conversations with people of all genders, ages, races and orientations. I felt compelled to meet and film other Drag Kings throughout the country. This was in 2013 and 2014, when the opponents to marriage equality in France were taking over the streets and the media, spewing out their hatred, creating a climate in which it somehow became okay to publicly express homophobia. Social tension was running high because of their will to maintain patriarchy at all costs and to deliberately discredit the field of gender studies. This film is my response to all of that.”


Chriss Lag is a journalist,director and photographer in France (Paris). After her studies in cinema and publicity, she debuted as a film critic on Radio. She has been collaborating to print magazine, web télévision as a journalist for years.

The image and position of women in society are central to her work, in particular that which questions, disrupts, and deconstructs those of the traditional woman, whether in art, media, or sports.