Juliacks presents a performance installation, Spin me Spinhuis, that collages fragments from the criminal archives of Amsterdam, its Spinhuis (one of the first female institutional prisons in the world,) parallel contemporary experiences and a sci-fi vision collision in a story about a woman caught within a web where she can only fall.

In addition to this performance at a separate time, Juliacks and SnowApple are launching the local node of the International association, Design Justice, inviting people to join this monthly meet up which hosts skill shares, supporting local organizing efforts with design work, organizing actions and campaigns around issues that intersect design justice and more.

About juliacks

JULIACKS (director/writer/co-creator/executive producer/maker) creates transmedia gesammtkunstwerks [total works of interdisciplinary art] that unite and divide themselves through the interweaving of mediums, culture and time periods. Narrative and its layered, networked, intercultural construction is the basis of Juliacks’ artwork and research, which takes the form of performance installations, films, comics-art novels, tapestries, paintings and more.

More info: http://www.juliacks.com/