an extraordinary festival

4 - 8 March 2020

Roode Bioscoop Amsterdam

Snowapple and Theater de Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam have teamed up to create Jardin Rouge, a week-long festival of workshops, performances, screenings, and artistic encounters and creations of all kinds, in all shapes and colours, taking place in March 2020. A week for building relationships between artists and thinkers from near and far through workshops and other collaborative activities. A week to be amazed, moved and inspired.

The festival signals the start of a long-term collaboration between Snowapple and De Roode Bioscoop. Snowapple aims to add a new dimension to the artistic and social scene at de Roode Bioscoop, a theatre that breaks rules, questions modern society and practises inclusivity. We want to create a community that, through solidarity and mutual support and inspiration on both a local and international scale, helps people’s voices be heard.

From 4-8 March, expect five full-day programmes. During the day there will be workshops to attend and each evening all the corners, rooms and staircases of the theatre will be filled with acts. Snowapple fans will be treated with several acts of the music ensemble.

Tickets are also available on the door.